Friday, July 6, 2012

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple's iPad - Winners and Losers

Apple's introduction of their new tablet PC instantly makes an impact on the rest of the tech industry.  Here's who I think winners and losers are.

  • Third-party apps/games developers: This offers another platform for developers to build their apps and benefits apps that need more screen space.
  • Hulu: I've totally been waiting for a tablet like this to watch Hulu on!
  • Sling Media, maker of SlingBox and SlingPlayer: Watch your home TV/DVR from the tablet, another one I've been looking forward to.
  • New York Times and other book/magazine/newspaper publishers: This offers a new way for readers to access their content.
  • NetFlix: They are well-positioned with video streaming.
  • Cloud Computing industry and its players: The tablet is small enough and light enough to carry around everywhere, but the screen is large enough to easily access and view data in the cloud; while the on-screen keyboard lets you do some real work.
  • Belkin and other accessory makers: Another device that needs cases, docks, extra power adapters and cables for.
  • Fusion Garage, maker of the JooJoo tablet:  The falling out with TechCrunch sounded bad, but Apple coming out with their tablet could really crunch them.
  • Amazon: The Kindle seemed to fare well against competing e-readers.  However, the iPad is an entirely different device, which could compete for consumers' money, time, and attention.
  • Nintendo and Sony: The iPad is another gaming platform, and will draw a lot of casual gaming.
  • PC makers who manufacture NetBooks: It may not be the exact same device, but a tablet will compete as a secondary device after a person's first primary PC.
  • Microsoft: Takes away from usage of Windows and Internet Explorer.
  • Digital photo frame makers: It obviously costs more, but the iPad offers a complete superset of digital photo frame functionality - it makes digital photo frames obsolete, doesn't it?
  • Google: Wins on more usage of their sites/apps, especially YouTube.  The tablet will compete against Android and Chrome OS devices though.
  • AT&T?: With 3G capability, people can buy an unlimited data plan for $29.99.  However, will people use fewer text messages and voice minutes?
Update: No Flash support means no Hulu.  Bummer!

    Tech Titans go Head to Head to Head: Google vs. Apple vs. Amazon

    Apple's introduction of the iPad creates instant competition between them and Amazon in the e-reader market.  This now solidifies a 3-way battle between 3 titans in the technology industry: Google, Apple, and Amazon.

    Google vs. Amazon: in Cloud Computing; Google Apps, App Engine, etc. vs. Amazon Web Services (EC2 computing cloud, S3 storage) and more
    Google vs. Apple: in mobile, Android OS vs. the iPhone
    Apple vs. Amazon: in the Kindle/e-reader market vs. the tablet device, as well as digital media with digital books, on-line music and video streaming/downloads