Monday, April 6, 2009

Rant of the Day: Twitter fail, KDE froze on me bad


Konsole scrambled image
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Rant of the Day Part 1:

Twitter's hiccups today have already been discussed online.

What I want to mention is that I lost 3 tweets from yesterday afternoon. Just looking at my twitter page, it shows "15 updates" but there are only 12 there.

Ironically, 2 of those lost tweets were me talking about why my profile picture wouldn't save. In hindsight it's obvious that the site was having problems - but at the time I was really confused, because that was my first time uploading a profile picture and it didn't work. It showed up at first but then disappeared - I tried at least a good 5 times, even waiting a while in between attempts, to update it. Finally I tried uploading a picture of our cat, and then my original picture re-appeared! Well I got what I wanted, so I left it alone.

My 3rd lost tweet was thanking the Warholizer for generating my profile pic.

Rant of the Day Part 2:

I use Ubuntu Linux, and KDE as the window manager. For the most part I really love it. There is only one thing remaining that really bothers me: everyone once in a while - actually on a regular basis, it partially freezes on me. It's almost every day, or every few days, that the taskbar is frozen and won't refresh. Fortunately I have a really easy fix which will cause everything to refresh and work as normal again: issue "killall plasma && plasma" from the command line.

Today it starting freezing really bad. Actually it would still respond to keyboard and mouse input, but just the graphics wouldn't refresh. I had to just close all my windows. I'm not at that computer right now, but when I am I guess I'll just try rebooting.

The real problem was that the clock in the taskbar was frozen too. I was sitting there for an hour later than I thought because the clock kept showing the same time! It wasn't until I looked at a different clock that I realized what had happened. *sigh*

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  1. Sulu! Raj just forwarded me this link. You got me hooked with your rant on Twitter. WTF!