Sunday, April 5, 2009

Startup Weekend San Francisco 2009 - Demo List

I compiled a list of all the startups that did a demo at Startup Weekend San Francisco 2009:

The full spreadsheet is here.

Please let me know if any information is incorrect! Also help me fill in the parts that are missing. I'll be posting photos on flickr too (uploading now), I have at least one slide from every demo, except the one from ProdNV didn't come out (sorry guys).

Tweet or direct message me on twitter: @techrantandrave.

I've got my email up with Gmail for Google Apps, but I haven't sent up any distribution lists yet. Hey, I just started this blog this weekend - so I share the same birthday with all you #swsf09 folks!


  1. I wanted to ask if you could link to Is that a possibility? The other site is going to be taken down soon and we don't want it being used.

  2. Sorry about the spreadsheet. Should have been fixed and working since morning. I kept running in to an issue with Google Docs/Spreadsheets where it says it will re-publish after every save, but instead that caused the publishing to break.

  3. Updated the spreadsheet (earlier today) with