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Semimonthly Tech News - August 1-15, 2009

Semimonthly Tech News - August 1-15, 2009


  • Google's Schmidt Resigns Apple's Board
  • Google Woos Business Users With Billboard Ad Campaign: An editorial on the Motley Fool
    called the strategy "just dumb", "worst idea yet", and "downright nonsensical". I definitely wouldn't go that far. I think the move makes sense, it makes Google Apps seem more mainstream and recognizable, which is necessary for it to gain adoption in businesses and large enterprises while competing against Microsoft. Anyway, all the press and buzz about the irony of the ad campaign has probably already gotten more attention than the actual billboard ads themselves.
  • Twitter had two outages due to denial-of-service attacks
  • ESPN, NFL And U.S. Marines Crack Down On Twitter Use: Seems like an overreaction to me, but as with any new technology it takes some adjustments and getting used to. I think it should be treated like any other communication tool. Obviously if you are bashing your boss/team/company, they won't be happy about it, regardless of whether if it's on Twitter, Facebook, a blog, a web site, on a phone call, or in a public place. Likewise, discretion and professionalism should be used when discussing any rumors or potentially confidential/sensitive information.
  • Study: Twitter is 40 percent 'pointless babble'
  • General Motors to sell used cars on eBay
  • GM Claims Chevrolet Volt Will Get 230 MPG: Many others have already questioned/criticized the MPG claim, google it if you want full details. Basically the 230 number is not particularly meaningful because actual gas usage will depend entirely on the usage pattern and how much the electric power can be utilized (i.e. short trips with recharging in between vs. long trips).
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  • Tesla turns profit in July for the first time: I think that is great news. This is impressive with the current state of the economy, considering they have only been selling the high-end roadster, while the less expensive sedan is still under development.
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