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Cool Stuff of the Month (Hardware, Electronics) - October 15, 2009

With the upcoming release of Windows 7 and its multitouch features, several computer makers are releasing all-in-one PCs to take advantage of the new functionality. Each have nice, modern, slim designs. They vary from 20-inch to 24-inch screen sizes. It will be interesting to see how they fare against the iMac.
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Kohjinsha dual-screen swivel netbook prototype hands-on (video)
I don't know if dual-screen netbook will ever make it to market, but it is a very interesting concept. For me the Achilles heel of a netbook is the small screen size and screen resolution. This solves the problem - however, in the process it may defeat the netbook's purpose of being small, lightweight, and having long battery life.

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Audi plans to build powerful electric sports car
It seems that Tesla and Fisker will have competition in the electric car market, specifically in the high-performance sports car market. Audi's entry does appear to validate their plans though.

Vacuum icon offers bladeless fan — for $300
Dyson, designer of sophisticated vacuum cleaners, has developed the Air Multiplier, a fan with no blades.

Barnes & Noble is reportedly coming out with an e-reader to compete with Amazon's Kindle. The rumor is that it will run Google's Android operating system. The main distinction in hardware is the use of a color multitouch display instead of physical keyboard.

LG Prototypes Solar-Powered E-Reader
Reportedly it won't be available commercially until 2012. In the meantime, there does exist a solar powered USB charger that works with your iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod, etc.

Western Digital adds e-paper displays to My Book line
The external hard drives show available capacity on labels that are visible even when the drives are not plugged in. Simple but very useful.

Buffalo ships world's first USB 3.0 hard disk drives this month
USB 3.0 is supposed to be faster than eSATA and the current generation of FireWire, while also supplying power. The most convenient part would probably be backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 ports and cables.
This seems like a neat idea for use when offline, or for someone who doesn't regularly have Internet access. However, having a static snapshot kind of defeats the purpose of Wikipedia, which is meant to be a dynamic information resource, doesn't it? Picture here: Is That The Wikipedia In Your Pocket, Or..?

Polaroid instant film cameras are making a comeback! It's refreshing to see classics live on.

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