Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tech News of the Month: October 16-31, 2009

Get Google Voice, Keep Your Mobile Number: The feature sounds great, but the concern is uptime - if Google Voice is down, how do you receive phone calls?
Google Social Search Unveiled Sans Facebook
Google To Partner With iLike And Lala For New Music Service: I originally started using Lala when it was just a CD trading site. I haven't used it as much when they switched to focusing on music streaming, but it has worked well when I have used it.
Free Wi-Fi on Virgin America over the holidays, thanks to Google

Twitter Rolls out Lists Feature to Most Users
Google strikes a Twitter search deal, too
Microsoft partners with Facebook, Twitter on search

Facebook Makeover Faces Backlash
Facebook Adds Sharing Tracker
A face-lift for Facebook's Groups
Another Facebook redesign: Birthdays are important
Spammer ordered to pay Facebook $711 million
With 'memorialized' profiles, Facebook sees dead people

Apple's Wi-Fi-less iPhone hits China’s mobile market: I really don't understand why they are selling the iPhone without Wi-Fi. It means slower network speeds for consumers, and just taxes more of the cell phone bandwidth for the mobile provider.
Verizon's Droid Phone and the Android Army: From the pictures and reviews the Droid sounds like a strong competitor for the iPhone.

Barnes & Noble whips out Nook e-reader
Plastic Logic to Launch Que E-Reader in January
TG Daily - Spring Design introduces Android E-Reader

Cloud Computing
Amazon Launches Hosted MySQL Database Cloud Service: This is big news for startups. Being able to run MySQL on Amazon's web services will save time and money during the startup phase.
Google Beats Out Microsoft For LA City E-mail Contract

New Releases / Features
Apple Allows In-App Purchases in Free iPhone Apps
Amazon Adds Same-Day Shipping Option
Mozilla releases SeaMonkey 2.0
VMware Fusion hits version 3.0
Pandora now shares with Facebook, Twitter

Shsssh! Google Voice has 1.4 million users
Twitter hits 5 billion tweets
Eight billion minutes spent on Facebook daily

Liquidation Events
Cisco buying Internet security provider ScanSafe for $183M

Yahoo's GeoCities Takes Its Final Bow Today: GeoCities was old and stale, and even back in the day I couldn't stand it. I still feel a sense of nostalgia for it though, now that it is gone.

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  1. Re: E-Readers...

    I honestly have to say that my first reaction to E-Readers was "How dumb". But as a frequent traveler and reader (I take about 2 x-country flights a month) I thought "OK, maybe there's a market for this because E-Readers are light (which is important for those of us trying to juggle a carry-on, laptop bag, and jacket) and you don't have to lug an actual book around". So when I was at the mall this holiday season I went to the Sony E-Reader kiosk and looked at what they had. I asked what books I could get, and their answer was "the local library has a great selection of books that you can download". WTF. Nice holiday sales pitch Sony. I basically opened my wallet and said 'How Much" and they told me to get a library card. So that turned me off and brought me back to "How dumb".

    Also, after some more thinking on the matter I realized that this Reader would end up like my Magic Bullet and sit at home unused after the first 2 months. Ideally I (and most frequent travelers of the same ilk, i.e needs to pass time, look professional, but needs to bust out a puzzle or video game every now and then) need something that offers more than a basic Reader. There are a ton of Readers being developed out there, but who will be the first to answer the call for variety in functionality. Crosswords, wifi news downloads, games, etc. I promise that I will be their first customer.